Apr 8, 2012

Layla Mercury Twilight


Holos are amazing. Period. End. Of. Story.
This one is extra awesome. Seriously.

 This is two coats of Layla over a good coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base.
This is one of the stubborn holos that really needs Aqua Base to be smooth. Aqua Base is totally worth having in your arsenal. However, it must be applied and given a good amount of time to dry (a lot of people say 30 min, I usually wait about 15min) in order for it to be smooth and not drag. 
I purchased these off Aveyou.com, they retail at $15.50 but the shipping to Canada was pricy and I had to pay about $18 in duty fees when I picked up my package. I ordered 5 of these so expect more to come as the sunnier weather rolls around!

More pictures after the cut!


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