Apr 27, 2012

Jessica Born 2 Pansy


This was my first experience with Jessica polishes and, I dare say, it will not be my last!
Photos of this polish do not do it justice at all. It is a gorgeous shade of lilac with this insane shimmer, which shifts blue-purple-copper-fucshia and it is gorgeous! I had no idea that it was a shifting pigment until I got it on my fingers. Loved this shade and got a ton of compliments on it!
This is a current shade from the collection with the Chanel dupes. 
This is three coats, application was great, formula is sorta thin but I find that is fairly normal with polishes this lightly coloured.

Sorry about the tip wear in these photos, these were taken after 2 days of wear because my camera died and it is very fickle as to which outlet it will charge in (I think it's possessed!)


Happy weekend everyone! Be safe and have fun!


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