Mar 25, 2012

My Hunger Games Manicure: China Glaze Electrify


This was the most interesting of the Hunger Games Polishes to me, which is why I chose it to wear for when I went to see the movie (yes, I'm a dork like that)!

Under the low lights of the theatre, this polish GLOWED like embers. SO pretty!

This was three coats of glitter, 2 coats of Gelous and one coat of Seche Vite

I have some thought on the movie and more pictures of this manicure, but I will hide them behind the cut as there will be some spoilers!

Click Here For More Pictures!

Overall, I really like the movie, I thought they did a good job of translating the book to the movie aside from a few points:
-They did not develop much of what life in the districts was like
-How Katniss got the Mockingjay pin in the movie - UGH not even close to the book and I wonder what this is going to mean for the sequels.
-The three finger salute at the Reaping - ugh. Just ugh. All wrong!
-Katniss and Rue's relationship had no development
-Character development in general was lacking.

But there were a lot of great parts to the movie - Effie Trinket was fantastic for one! And overall it was enjoyable and a movie I will definitely buy to watch again and again!
Did you go see the movie? How did you like it? Leave it in the comments below!!


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