Mar 20, 2012

A-England Dragon


This beautiful polish is A-England Dragon. A-England is a UK brand that you can either purchase from their website (with free world wide shipping!) or some online retailers are carrying it now (Llarowe and Ninja Polish). I have purchased both from A-Englands site and Llarowe in the past with no issues.

This is two coats of this beauty but it really was fine with just one but I always do holo sandwiches to extend the wear of my holo (BC + Holo + TC + Holo), this way you have the protection of the topcoat but none of the dulling effects. I have never found a topcoat that doesn't dull a holo and I'm too impatient for anything that is not quick drying!

Unfortunately this photo was taken using artificial lighting but it was a beauty in the sun! The holo effect is not as strong in the A-Englands as I've seen in other polishes though.


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