Aug 15, 2010

Holo zebra!


Here is attempt #2 with the Konad. Using China Glaze's OMG and Konad black special polish and plate M57 again (This is my favorite plate, I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of use out of it and I highly recommend it!) This picture is taken after 3 days wear and fussing so there are quite a few chips but I am obsessed with this combo. The China Glaze Holos are amazing -- I was able to get a few on a whim. A very sweet selling on the MAC livejournal community had one listed - QT. I said I was interested, but she was selling it for $5 and wanted a min sale of $10, so I asked if she would sell it alone or if she had any others she would sell - to my surprise she said she would sell me OMG (silver holo - very htf), QT (dark pink holo), 2NITE (light blue holo) and LOL (dark purple holo and my next mani). I didn't hesitate for a second! I've also ordered 5 more from another LJ sale - I will record a nail haul when I receive these.
Still looking for BFF and DV8 if anyone is willing to sell those!!
Here are pics of OMG on my fingers and QT on my toes (with stars done using Konad M03 and special white polish)


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