Aug 12, 2010

First Konadicure


So in short, my first attempt at Konad was an epic fail. Partly due to my impatience, partly due to the fact that it is not as easy as it looks!
I initially attempted to do a lime green with black zebra. I was using Finger Paints' 'Guggen I'm Lime', Konad Black Special Polish and Plate M57. First of all, the Lime base was quite thin and required SEVERAL coats. I wasn't patient enough and when I went to stamp, the whole nail base basically slid right off. So I decided to try a different green, using OPI's Who The Shrek Are You? Again, not patient enough.

So I took a break and baked some yummy rainbow cupcakes for my boss' birthday. Then it
was back to my nails while watching Teen Mom (so addicted to this show!!)

This was the result, using China Glaze's For Audrey, Konad white Special Polish, plate M57 (this time the fishnet pattern). I then added some flowers from another plate and a cat from one of the Coraline plates.

The big problem was that in my frustration, I was too lazy to really clean the edges, so there is still some green residue around the nails. It takes some practice, that's for sure! Going to try to do Zebra again tonight, this time over China Glaze's OMG (just got it in the mail! Will be recording a nail polish haul video in the next few days, just waiting for one more package to arrive!)

I do really like the cat though :)
This picture really shows how much of a mess my nails are! Stay tuned for Day #2!


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